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Unable to open figure window

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Siddhesh Rane
Siddhesh Rane 9 Feb 2019
댓글: Eduardo Lozano 19 May 2020
I am not able to open figure(its visible if i hover on the taskbar but can not maximize it) generated by my code.
I use multiple desktop in my lab, can it be due to the display settings?

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi 9 Feb 2019
Cannot open figure but cannot maximise it , what does that mean? Upload a picture.
Siddhesh Rane
Siddhesh Rane 9 Feb 2019
@madhan: I have added the image, I am able to see the simulation by hovering on the MATLAB icon at the taskbar but if I click on figure window it doesnt pop up on the screen.

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Preethi 11 Feb 2019
hover near MATLAB icon in task bar, right click and then select Maximize

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Siddhesh Rane
Siddhesh Rane 11 Feb 2019
That maximizes the figure but simulation stops. For example, if i am simulating inverted pendulum, if i am hovering over taskbar I can see the pendulum moving but after maximizing it becomes a still image.
Shahed Masoudian
Shahed Masoudian 29 Jan 2020
I have the same problem . can anyone shed some light on the matter.
Eduardo Lozano
Eduardo Lozano 19 May 2020
same problem

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