Rotate an image without having a deformation

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Ouael Chkoundali
Ouael Chkoundali 2019년 1월 29일
답변: DGM 2022년 12월 1일
I am trying to rotate an image by X degrees using imrotate. But if X isn't equal to 90 or -90, the image will be deformed. An example:
0 degree.png
18 degrees.png
Is there any another solution?

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KSSV 2019년 1월 29일

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DGM 2022년 12월 1일
From the documentation:
B = imrotate(A,ANGLE,METHOD,BBOX) rotates image A, where BBOX specifies
the size of the output image B. BBOX is a text string that can have
either of the following values. The default value is enclosed in braces
{'loose'} Make output image B large enough to contain the
entire rotated image. B is generally larger than A.
'crop' Make output image B the same size as the input image
A, cropping the rotated image to fit.
In other words, the default behavior does not crop the image. If the image is being cropped, it's either because you're cropping it, or it's because you're not using imrotate().
A = imread('cameraman.tif');
B = imrotate(A,20); % default behavior
imshow(B) % no cropping

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