How to display the x and y coordinates of specific points on the plotted graph in matlab??

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After plotting a graph with the given values how can we display the x and y coordinates of some points on the graph automatically without placing the cursor there?
Is there any function to enter the points whose coordinates are to be displayed?

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 2019년 1월 17일
Do you want to place some text there using the text function?
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Neha Sinha
Neha Sinha 2019년 1월 20일
I want the specific co-ordinates to be automatically displayed on the plot when the graph is displayed after running the code.

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Afshin Aghayan
Afshin Aghayan 2019년 10월 8일
you can use this code for displaying any data in the form of [x, y, f(x,y)] or data with coordinate


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