Having trouble with a short code in Octave... Complete beginner, So any help Welcome

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D. H.
D. H. 2018년 11월 9일
댓글: Stephen 2018년 12월 27일
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Hi, I have a short code to do as part of an assignment. I've almost got it working, but I cannot seem to get the graph right and I cant figure out what I've done wrong.
Any help appreciated. Files attached.
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Stephen 2018년 12월 27일
@Anusha Sridharan:thank you! Is it also possible to restore the question's original attachment?

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Stephen 2018년 11월 10일
편집: Stephen 2018년 11월 10일
% 1)
M0 = [1,4,3,100,12,1000,25,32,500,700,20,9000,25,650,40,3,67,2,305,80,200,50,2,15,4];
M1 = [1,6,2,120,14,900,25,35,550,650,23,7500,25,700,43,6,72,8,360,70,220,60,1,14,8];
M2 = [1.5,5,7,150,13,550,1,40,520,600,27,5500,27,900,44,12,75,9,360,50,190,50,4,13,6];
M3 = [122,120,120,170,140,700,100.5,134,570,600,125,6100,125,1050,122,130,187,109,460,145,330,160,105,113,104];
M4 = [25,25,30,40,50,600,6,33,500,600,26,5500,26,1150,14,32,126,8,360,28,230,60,2,13,5];
% 2)
M = [M0;M1;M2;M3;M4];
% 3)
M = M - (M(:,end)-mean(M(:,end)));
% 4a)
RM = (M - min(M,[],1)) ./ mean(M,1);
% 4b)
ARM = RM + (1 - RM(1,:));
% 5)
idr = ARM(5,:)>1.3;
idb = ARM(5,:)<0.7;
idg = ~idr & ~idb;
  1. The deadline for this homework was yesterday.
  2. Your professor/tutor can find this website just as easily as you can.
  3. Submitting work that is not your own without acknowledgement is plagiarism.

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