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Trouble using suplabel() to create global axes for figure with multiple subplots

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Kateri Kaminski
Kateri Kaminski 2018년 11월 5일
답변: Sindar 2019년 7월 14일
Hello, I am having some trouble using suplabel(). I want 2 global axes labels (one x and one y) for my figure that contains multiple subplots. I was able to do this with the title using suptitle() so I am assuming I have a version of Matlab that can handle suplabel() as well but I am not getting it to work. Does anyone know why this might not be working? I get the following error message:
>> PostProcessing_filetest
Undefined function or variable 'suplabel'.
Error in PostProcessing_filetest (line 266)
I have attached a portion of my code if that helps. Thanks!
%Create Plots
for j = index
fignum = fignum + 1;
hold on
for i = 1:numfiles
y = Farray(2:end);
yt = transpose(y);
x(:,:,i,j) = NewAmp(:,:,i,j);
xt(:,:,i,j) = transpose(x(:,:,i,j));
axis([0 Fmax 0 1.5*maxNewAmp(:,:,i,j)])
t1 = strcat("Reference Probe: ",fn(j));
t2 = strcat(namexparm, " = ", string(xparmmax(:,:,j)),"(", unitsxparm, ")");
suplabel('Amplitude', 'y')
hold off


Sindar 2019년 7월 14일
sublabel does not exist in Matlab releases. You can download the user-created sublabel from the File Exchange and put it on your matlab path

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