Gui appears and disappears before user can do anything with it

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I have been working on a script and gui for sometime and have now decided to completely restructure my code. I have blocked out large chunks of it until I can move it to its new home. As far as I can tell, the only code left operational in the gui is that which is automatically generated by GUIDE. The exception to this is the code in the uicontrol callbacks, but that should only run once invoked by the user, and a setappdata line in OpeningFcn.
The problem is my gui just appears and immediately disappears. On debugging, I've found that it doesn't even get to OpeningFcn, so must have a problem somewhere before that. Further debugging shows that the gui appears and disappears when the following line from gui_mainfcn.m is run:
gui_hFigure = matlab.hg.internal.openfigLegacy(name, singleton, visible);
This is at line 286 and is the 'else' statement in the function local_openfig.
In addition, weird other events also happen - like I can't close Matlab without it going into debug mode and then getting stuck in a loop. I can only get out if I press the window close cross many times.
I'm afraid this is completely beyond my level of Matlab so I'd be grateful for any help on why this has started happening.
UPDATE: If I comment out the following line from OpeningFcn then it behaves properly:
I'm struggling to understand this if it doesn't even get to OpeningFcn. What's wrong with this line of code?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2018년 10월 24일
OpeningFcn is an invention of GUIDE, not a true callback. I don't know what gcbf would refer to during OpeningFcn.

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Rik 2018년 10월 24일
It is not because the figure is not visible yet, but because the GUI figure is not a callback figure at that point (at the most it will be the current figure, see gcf). Using an explicit handle to your figure in that line of code would be best.

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