How to make block description of a simulink function block displayed above function header?

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Hi everyone,
I'm using simulink function block to generate C code. For simulink function block, I add a brief function description to the block as shown below on the left side.
After code generation, the function description is inserted inside the function body.
So, I want to know if there is a way to display this description above the function header instead of inside the function body?

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zhichuan wang
zhichuan wang 2018년 10월 24일
I think I get you point. You can modify the CODE TEMPLATES FILE in Configuration Parameters(Code Generation->Templates-Code templates-Source file template) to do what you want.
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Xiaojie Qiu
Xiaojie Qiu 2018년 10월 29일
Hi Zhichuan,
after code generation by using MATLAB R2017b, I also got the same result as you.
So, I have to draw a conclusion, that this problem is a side effect due to MATLAB version.
If you have any idea in the future, please tell me how to solve it. Thanks for your help again!

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