Best approach for analysing time history data from a Simulink model

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Simon Aldworth
Simon Aldworth 2018년 10월 10일
편집: Simon Aldworth 2018년 10월 11일
I'm creating my first Simulink model and Matlab code. The model is a simple two degree of freedom vehicle simulation in which I am logging a set of signals. The logged data is being saved to a dataset file in the workspace (that is to say, the option 'Signal logging' is ticked and a name given in the text box).
The model is run in a loop with several sets of input values and during each loop I would like to calculate a set of metrics from the time histories, e.g. maximum values, maximum values at certain times, decay rates, etc.
What is the best way of saving the data so that I can easily perform some mathematical analysis of it - is 'Signal logging' appropriate or should I select a better option?
Should it matter, I am intending on keeping the data from each run and currently do this by copying the contents of the signal logging dataset to a struct.
Needless to say, I am familiar with time histories but entirely new to all the ways in which Matlab can store data.

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