How use Mapped motor from Powertrain blockset in to simscape driveline model

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damiano filippi
damiano filippi 2018년 10월 9일
답변: Pablo Romero 2018년 12월 20일
Hello, i would like to know if is possibile (and how) use a "mapped motor" that is inside the Powertrain blockset in to a simscape driveline model of a BEV (battery electric vehicle) transmission model that i would like to create. More in general how can i use a submodel of powertrain blockset in to a simscape model? is it possible? best regards.

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Pablo Romero
Pablo Romero 2018년 12월 20일
Hi Damian,
To interface Simscape and Simulink blocks (either from Powertrain blockset or any other Simulink block), you have to use the specific sensors and sources as shown here, together with the PS-Simulink Converter and Simulink-PS Converter blocks.
Hope this helps.


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