How to configure ADC sampling time to convert a 50 Hz Analog signal?

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Hello everyone, I use the f28379D TI target on the MATLAB 2018a version. I want to convert a 50 Hz sinus thanks to the ADC.
In a very simple model (Only ADC + Scope), the result of the ADC doesnt match with the input signal. Actually, using the external mode, I obtained false results, the frequency is not the good.
I tried to modify the sample time of the ADC block, the SOC acquisition window, and changed the ADC clock prescaler in the configuration parameters. But the result is still inexploitable.
Please, did anyone have this problem and can help me?
Many thanks, Yanis.

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Venkatesh Chilapur
Venkatesh Chilapur 2018년 10월 10일
Please consider hardware based ADC trigger like ePWM triggering the ADC conversion and see if it helps! We have an example for the same on how to configure the ePWM module for the ADC trigger.
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Mahidhar Durga Pawan Gorla
Mahidhar Durga Pawan Gorla 2021년 9월 16일
I am working on a similar program, but I need to log the analog signal to SD card. I am using 28069 Piccolo Jtag module. Can you please suggest the method to do it?
I tried the example program of SD card logging, but that also does not work properly. the data is written partially.
Thank you

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