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Activation refuses to complete registration

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Nathan Goedeke
Nathan Goedeke 2018년 10월 1일
마감: MATLAB Answer Bot 2021년 8월 20일
My installation of MATLab has come to the activation phase, specifically the registration screen. I inputted my first and last name, university, degree and date of graduation and hit "send"
A popup window flashes for a fraction of a second saying something along the lines of "gathering information", and nothing happens. No matter how many times I press this button, there is no response, no error message, and no activation in sight.
This is a perpetual license I've had for a long time, which I disabled on my old computer when I switched to this one. I tried deleting the license from the license directory on my C drive, as well as running the activation wizard as administrator, and neither of these have changed the result at all.
Thank you and please respond as soon as possible. Nathan

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