Simulink mask display programmatically, how to make line shift?

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Flemming 2018년 9월 19일
답변: Flemming 2018년 9월 20일
I use this command to set up mask display programmatically:
set_param( gcbh,'MaskDisplay', ['port_label(''input'', 1, ''in1''); port_label(''output'', 1, ''out1'');'] );
In the mask editor it afterwards appears in one line as:
port_label('input', 1, 'in1'); port_label('output', 1, 'out1');
which is a bit annoying when the block has many ports.
How can I make it appear in multiple lines, like:
port_label('input', 1, 'in1')
port_label('output', 1, 'out1')

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang 2018년 9월 19일
use char(10),
set_param( gcbh,'MaskDisplay', ['port_label(''input'', 1, ''in1'');',char(10),'port_label(''output'', 1, ''out1'');'] );

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Flemming 2018년 9월 20일
Thanks, it works.




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