Parallel processing toobox not working on Ubuntu 18.04

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Sanjay Manohar
Sanjay Manohar 2018년 9월 17일
답변: Sanjay Manohar 2018년 9월 25일
I have installed Matlab R2018a on a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04. I can't get the parallel processing toolbox to work.
It seems to be correctly installed:
But when I try to open the parallel pool, I get "undefined function or variable":
And if I open the parallel processing "Manage Clusters" box, The dialog gets stuck on "Loading Profiles...":
All other toolboxes are working fine. `Parfor` loops run through in series, as if they were a normal `for` loop.
Any ideas what the problem is?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2018년 9월 21일
There are other toolboxes listed in your add-on explorer that also do not show up in ver.
rehash toolboxcache
Ming Yue
Ming Yue 2018년 9월 21일
Also, it's possible that the parallel computing toolbox is not installed correctly.
Can you please try to uninstall that toolbox (in Add-Ons->Manage Add-Ons-> Search for Parallel Computing Toolbox), then install that toolbox again (in Add-Ons->Get Add-Ons-> Search for Parallel Computing Toolbox)?

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Sanjay Manohar
Sanjay Manohar 2018년 9월 25일
Thanks all, the commands
rehash toolboxcache
solved the problem.


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