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Getting data from specific columns in a table

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Curious Mind
Curious Mind 21 Aug 2018
댓글: Curious Mind 21 Aug 2018
I have table_1 and say it has 6 columns. I would to love to have a code that will enable me to get data from a specific column(s) by using the column number or numbers.So lets say I want data from columns 2 and 3, the code should enable me to enter 2 and 3 and then it will search the table and return the data associated with the specified column(s).
Thank you guys.

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Stephan 21 Aug 2018
편집: Stephan 21 Aug 2018
You get data from a table by using the dot-notation. Therefore use the name of the column. If your columns are named 1...6 use
table_new = table_old.2
to get data from the column named '2'.
Here is an example:
A = table(['a'; 'b'; 'c'],[1; 2; 3],'VariableNames',{'x', 'y'})
If you use:
you get an array containing all values of the column named 'y'.
Best regards
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Curious Mind
Curious Mind 21 Aug 2018
Thank you very much. It works

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