Problem with the Connecttion between Zybo Z7 20 and Matlab

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Li Qian
Li Qian 2018년 8월 1일
편집: 佳禹 2023년 9월 16일
Hello Dear Everybody,
i have a new question about Zybo z7 20 with HDL Workflow Advisor. I use the Instruction for a Zybo:
I have done the Step 1-9 of Set up the Zybo Board. But as i try with step 10 with the code h = zynq(), i get a error message from Matlab, and after switsching the Board on and off, the same problem comes. This rpoblem leads to unsuccessful execution of step 4.4 in HDL Workflow Advisor
"Cannot connect to "Zynq hardware". Details: Could not connect to the hardware over Serial Port. Check that USB cable is plugged into 'USB-to-UART' port of the hardware and the power switch is turned on. If this error persists, switch off the hardware, wait for 10 seconds, switch on the hardware and then repeat this step."
Does anybody have some solution for this problem? Is the Zybo z7 20 not supported from Matlab? i will be very appreciative. Regards Qian
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佳禹 2023년 9월 16일
편집: 佳禹 2023년 9월 16일
After viewing several links provided in this page.
I found the point is that the 'h=zynq()' in step 10.
However, it seems that those links did not solve the problem of 'h = zynq()', which donot support zybo board.
Those links seem to form a 'loop'. LoL
Let me explain it.
1、 The 'zynq()', which is necessary in the HDL workflow, does not support zybo board originally. But you can do something to modify this condition as shown in the link
2、 in the aformentioned link, if you want to register your zybo board, you have to use 'h = zynq()' in step 10.
3、But, 'h = zynq()' is not support for zybo board before you register it?
That really makes me feel confused. LoL.
Whatever, thx for every guys providing any ideal about it.

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Li Qian
Li Qian 2018년 8월 1일

Stefanie Schwarz
Stefanie Schwarz 2018년 8월 22일
Hello Li Qian,
I am not sure if the Linux Image that you downloaded in step 8 will work for this particular board; then again, this could just be a very basic connection problem between your PC and the board.
Please follow the troubeshooting steps here: Why can't I connect to my Xilinx Zynq or Intel SoC platform?
In particular, opening a serial connection using PUTTY would be helpful to see if the board boots Linux correctly.

Efkan Yilmaz
Efkan Yilmaz 2019년 7월 3일
I have same problem in matlab. During step 10, same error appears. Do you have any method to solve this stiuaion?

Stefanie Schwarz
Stefanie Schwarz 2022년 6월 20일
편집: Stefanie Schwarz 2022년 6월 20일
The MathWorks Zynq Workflow does not support ZYBO Z7-20 out of the box. The Linux image that you downloaded at the time was designed for the original ZYBO. In the meantime, we upgraded the example for ZYBO Z7-10, but there is still no support for ZYBO Z7-20.
See the following link for more information:

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