MATLAB MOBILE (interrupted. operation taking longer than 240 seconds are not supported with Matlab Mobile)

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Hello, I have a project that is a 3D scanner with IR using an android application and matlab mobile, here I have a problem that I visualize using matlab mobile, on the matlab mobile there is a notification "MATLAB operation interrupted. Operations taking longer than 240 seconds are not supported with MATLAB Mobile" . do you know the intent of the following notification? please explain it. thank you
In short, the workings of my project, the 3D scanner tool, reads the object's distance and stores it into many array functions, and from the array (spacing of objects) in the plot and visualized to 3D images.

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Guillaume 2018년 7월 25일
It means exactly what is says, if an operation takes longer than 4 minutes to complete, matlab movile aborts it and you don't get a result. Since you share the server with all other mobile users, this is to prevent you hogging all the cpu.
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maryan ody
maryan ody 2018년 7월 25일
편집: maryan ody 2018년 7월 25일
Thank you for the explanation sir, and I want to ask again, is this one of the functions / restrictions given on matlab mobile ?

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