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How to get a UI to capture start and end date from user.

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sc1991 24 Jul 2018
댓글: Adam Danz 27 Jul 2018
Hi! I am using questdlg to ask user if he wants to use default date range or a custom date range. If the user selects Custom date range. I want to pop up a UI that can in the same window have two calendars to capture start and end date. Also, i want the figure to have a editable box where if the user wants he can manually enter the date or else click on calendar. and if the user by accident clicks close it takes the default date range option from the questdlq case.
Please, let me know if my question is not very clear.
I am using MATLAB 2017(a)
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz 27 Jul 2018
All functions stored in your GUI script created by GUIDE will be deleted along with your GUI when you close the GUI. If your goal is to make the GUI disappear but keep the functions and variables, maybe you could toggle the GUI's visibility instead of closing it.

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ES 25 Jul 2018
Try this..

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