Problem with HDL Workflow Advisor (Matlab) and Vivado 2016.4

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Li Qian
Li Qian 2018년 7월 24일
답변: Li Qian 2018년 7월 24일
i have got some problems with Zybo. At Step 4.1, the creating is wrong with Zybo with error message:
"ERROR: [IP_Flow 19-3391] Preset ZYBO doesn't exist
INFO: [PS7-6] Configuring Board Preset part0. Please wait ......
INFO: [Common 17-17] undo 'set_property'
ERROR: [Common 17-39] 'set_property' failed due to earlier errors."
I have done all with the isntructions:
Thanks a lot.

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Li Qian
Li Qian 2018년 7월 24일
I use matlab 2017 b

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