How to remove set-up procedures in Matlab?

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Rees Hatch
Rees Hatch 2018년 7월 18일
댓글: Stefan M 2019년 7월 24일
I have recently installed and then uninstalled a software/hardware program called Opal RT which is designed to work with Matlab. However, my computer did not have enough space for the all of the programs needed so I decided to remove the software except for Matlab which I use frequently. But now, when I open Matlab it takes longer to start because it looking for the software which has been removed. This is the output to the window...
Unable to setup RT-LAB correctly
Unable to setup ARTEMIS correctly
RT_EVENTS root directory not found. Please check that RT_EVENTS was properly installed.
RT_EVENTS is not supported in this matlab release.
Warning: RT-XSG root directory not found. Please check that RT-XSG was properly installed.
In setup_rtxsg (line 21)
In startup (line 4)
Unable to setup eFPGAsim correctly
I was wondering if anyone could help me rid my Matlab of these start up error/warnings.
Thanks, Rees


Stefan M
Stefan M 2019년 7월 23일
I known this question is quite old, but since I discovered it just now, I'm still going to answer it.
I think you can get rid of these lines by deleting the corresponding lines in your startup.m. There should be lines like 'setup_artemis' and some others.
Please tell me if this worked. I had some problems with RT-Lab and I'm still not completely sure how the interaction with Matlab at the startup works.
Beste regards,
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Stefan M
Stefan M 2019년 7월 24일
I agree and this is not the only problem with RT-Lab, but unitl they are fixing the uninstall it is a good work around.

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