Activating a UIControl element programmatically

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Lawrence 2018년 7월 9일
댓글: Lawrence 2018년 7월 10일
I've been playing around with the GUIDE tutorial app simple_gui, described here. Specifically, I am controlling the app programmatically and want to make sure I don't miss anything.
First, where I'm at so far:
I initialize the app with
h_sg = simple_gui;
Then, I can get handles to each control element with
h_mesh = h_sg.Children(4);
h_popup = h_sg.Children(1);
Finally, I can control the dataset menu and plot buttons like this:
h_popup.Value = 2;
notify(h_popup, 'Action');
notify(h_mesh, 'Action');
My main question is, am I missing anything? Is there anything else MATLAB does when you interact with a UIControl besides set the value and notify listeners (a.k.a. call notify())?


Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski 2018년 7월 10일
You should really consider using appdesigner. Not only is there better support for listeners, there's also a ui testing framework that allows you to do whatever interactions you want programmatically:
It's also where all of MathWorks development is focused and has already far surpassed the capabilities of GUIDE.
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Lawrence 2018년 7월 10일
Thank you. It is useful to know that conversion tools exist. We wouldn't be able to make the switch, however, until toolbars and context menus are supported.

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