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How to find mutual words in title field?

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bita hallajian
bita hallajian 6 Jul 2018
The aim is to write a program that surveys an excel file on "title" field and distinguish the items which have mutual words in "title" field. (the excel file is attached). The question is can I use text analytics toolbox for this program if it is possible, How should I write its program? With great thanks

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Paolo 6 Jul 2018
Is it a requirement to use the text analytics toolbox? I am sure the problem can be solved easily without it too. What is the expected output?
bita hallajian
bita hallajian 6 Jul 2018
My output is to make a graph to show the relation for the title fields which have mutual words in each line. For John & Rob, if the word "image" exists in their both title fields, there will be connection between them. The more repitition of connection cause increase the edge's weight. May I have your idea how to do? Thanks greatly

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Sarah Palfreyman
Sarah Palfreyman 6 Jul 2018
Yes, Text Analytics can help with this. It sounds like you are performing Topic Modeling, or grouping the data into sets of similar words.

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Christopher Creutzig
Christopher Creutzig 26 Nov 2018
If I read the question correctly, you are looking for a co-occurence matrix. You can get those from a bag-of-Words model by a matrix multiplication:
txt = ["my first title", "your first idea", "my second or minute"];
td = tokenizedDocument(txt);
bow = bagOfWords(td);
cnt = bow.Counts;
ans = 3×3
3 1 1
1 3 0
1 0 4
The first row says the first sentence has three words in common with itself (duh), and one each with the second and third sentence. The second and third string do not have words in common, hence the zeroes.

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