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License checkout failed, Manager error

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Pushkar Khatri
Pushkar Khatri 25 Jun 2018
댓글: Pushkar Khatri 25 Jun 2018
I'm currently working on SURE algorithm but haven't completed it. I'm facing this problem not the first time but this time that's not due to network connection problem. I have complete matlab access provided by my college institute. It is performing other normal operations correctly and even executing the functions used in the actual code but it's showing errors on running the whole code. Till the day before, the same code was running pretty well. What should I do?


ES 25 Jun 2018
It just says all the available network licenses are in use.
If you know the license server address and port, you can find the current users and ask them to return. execute in windows command window
lmutil lmstat -a -c port@server
lmutil lmstat -a -c 5040@
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Pushkar Khatri
Pushkar Khatri 25 Jun 2018
It's showing 'lmutil' as undefined function/variable. Also, the institute provides the same license keys to everybody installing via their network as far as I know.

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