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saving a figure as .png with name of a parameter

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rania 25 Jun 2018
댓글: rania 25 Jun 2018
Hallo everyone, I am trying to save a fig as an image (.png) but I want the .png file to have a specific name of one parameter. For exapmle, I have created the str called "name"
name=strcat('quicklook_',dd, '/', mm, '/', yyyy);
and I am trying to save it with the following command
but it doesn't work.
Any ideas?
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rania 25 Jun 2018
Yes you are right. I was just confused and I couldn't think of the limitation of "/" in saving a filename in general

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ES 25 Jun 2018
You cant have "/" in your file names. Can you be happy with say
name=strcat('quicklook_',dd, '_', mm, '_', yyyy);

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rania 25 Jun 2018
Ohhh I didn't thought of it. I was confused because I used "/" in the title of the figure, but you are absolutely right. Thank you a lot!



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