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How to use Fourier Transform to convert time to frequency domain for real time data ?

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Esakki Ponraj Esakkimuthu
댓글: umut senturk 25 Jun 2019
Hello, I have been doing my scientific project in Radar Sensor with Arduino. I am reading the receiver value in voltage with respect to time. I use Matlab Arduino tool to read the real time voltage values which is in time domain. I need to convert those values in frequency domain. How can i get the frequency domain with FFT function in Matlab ??? I have just a simple code to read voltage values from Radar. Radar Info : 24 GHz.
%%% code %%%%%%% clear a; a = arduino('COM4','Nano'); x = 0;
while(1==1) v =readVoltage(a, 'A0'); disp(v); x =[x v]; plot(x); drawnow; grid;
Kindly shed some light in this area !!!!!

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Elyes Hadj belgacem
Elyes Hadj belgacem 25 Feb 2019
i already tried this but not with radar sensor actually i used the simulink with arduino and log all the data coming from arduino (I mean here my FSR sensor) to the workspace (in array form, u can do it in the scope part) therefore i applied the FFT (or whatever you want) to the data in the workspace .
I hope this gives you some help

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umut senturk
umut senturk 25 Jun 2019
hey bro can you give me matlab codes. I can save data from scope to workspace but dont know other steps for FFT

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