How can I set Stateflow Model Explorer properties in M-script?

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In Simulink, Block-properties / handles can be viewed and set using the 'get_param' and 'set_param' commands, respectively. I would please like to know how to do so for Stateflow data (Model Explorer) using matlab script (i.e. in m-file).
>> Example: I have a Model "TestModel.mdl" which has a SF_chart in deeper layers: "TestModel/SubSystem_1/MyChart" for which I need to Add Data;
Name: PRES_C
Scope: Parameter
Type: Double

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Gayatri Menon
Gayatri Menon 2018년 6월 26일
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Shady Nada
Shady Nada 2018년 6월 26일
편집: Shady Nada 2018년 6월 26일
I thought this one was not submitted, hence I re-submitted the other one.

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