Accessing NI cRIO-9045 in Matlab

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Floris Leneman
Floris Leneman 2018년 6월 13일
댓글: Jack Frank 2020년 12월 19일
Hello Users and Professionals,
I would like to use the NI cRIO-9045. Can any body tell me that I can interface Matlab with this specific RIO system and access all the ports from Matlab/Simulink? NI claims the interface should be similar to their CompactDAQ devices, and not similar to the (older) cRIO devices. PS the cRIO-9045 is not listed in the compatibility list.

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Gayatri Menon
Gayatri Menon 2018년 6월 27일
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Floris Leneman
Floris Leneman 2018년 6월 27일
I am aware of this answer in the forum. I ask specifically the cRIO-9045, because it should have a different interface, more like the NI CompactDAQs.
Jack Frank
Jack Frank 2020년 12월 19일
Hi Floris,
Do you solve this problem with cRIO-9045? I have the similar issue with 9053.

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