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S-Function Backward Compatibility

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Can an S-function compiled in 2018a be used in a model in 2013b?
Please cite the documentation if you know the keywords to find the answer to this question.

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang 4 Jun 2018
I doubt it. Even if it can be used, you might get constant warning messages.
The document says that all example S-function MEX files included in the previous 10 releases can be used in the new version of MATLAB. It is the opposite as what you want.
The best way is to try it out. You don't even need to write your own. Just use one of the examples.
The key-word to search is "S-Function Compatibility" S-Function Compatibility

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Jason Nicholson
Jason Nicholson 4 Jun 2018
You are right. The link you provided was one link away from stating exactly what I was looking for:
Sometimes a MEX file created on a newer version of MATLAB runs on
an older version of MATLAB, but this is not supported.

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