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How to set manually training and test data for training a neural network

Eduardo 님이 질문을 제출함. 4 Jun 2012
최근 활동 Greg Heath 님이 답변함. 12 Jun 2014
Hello All,
I am making some experiments with mathlab neural network toolbox. Usually to train a neural network i give some training and test data and the net object takes care of dividing the data. However what i need to do is divide the data by myself and set the training and test data explicitly in the net object.
If it is needed some aditional explanation please tell me. Any help would be appreciated.

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From memory, if you look at the help for 'net', it tells you how to do this. You can specify which ranges are used for training, validation and testing. I don't have the neural network toolbox anymore, so I can't be more useful than that.
Geoff thanks for your answer,
In the help I get the following:
" NET.inputs{i}.range
This property defines the minimum and maximum values of the input data
used to configure the input, or zero if the input is unconfigured.
However what I need is to set directly the test and training data. Again thanks for your suggestion.

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Answer by Geoff
on 5 Jun 2012
Edited by John Kelly on 12 Jun 2014
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Incidentally, I found that page by googling "matlab neural net data division".
MatLab Answers is great, but often Google is better ;-)
Thanks!, I think you point me out in the right way. This is helpful because I need to add external data to the training set and see if it helps in decreasing error (at least a little bit) in the test set.

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Answer by Greg Heath
on 12 Jun 2014

It is probably easier to use 'divideblock'
Hope this helps.

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