Getting current position (x,y) of a 2D object created with a patch

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kablai tokhi
kablai tokhi . 2018년 5월 11일
댓글: kablai tokhi . 2018년 5월 14일
x = [-9 , 3, 1, 9, 1, 3, -9 ];
y = [-3,-3,-9/2, 0, 9/2, 3, 3];
g = hgtransform;
The patch moves consistently through the plot, at 2 points it stops to correct its angle. Is there anyway to get a hold of its current x&y positions at that point for further use?

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sloppydisk 2018년 5월 11일
p = patch('XData',x,'YData',y,'FaceColor','yellow','Parent',g);
This should do it.
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kablai tokhi
kablai tokhi 2018년 5월 14일
i found the answer :) so there is no real function, but the object 'g' is a matrix, and by calling g.Matrix i found out that it had the x and y coordinates in it. So now i just get a hold of those specifically and use them for future use.
My problem now is that the 2nd rotation using makehgtform doesnt really work. It sort of moves object instead of rotating.

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