How do I find the percentage for the area of white colour over the area of the full image?

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This is an image i have eroded and dilated. How do i find the percentage of the white ?

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John BG
John BG 2018년 5월 10일
Hi Nursyahirah
When one zooms in it turns out that KSSV answer includes a lot of grey pixels wrapping the thick white dots that shouldn't be considered aprt of the pixels.
KSSV code renders a white area of
0 0 67
0 0 67
0 0 67
0 5 63
73 73 122
iwant =
KSSV says the white dots cover 15% of the image.
Yet, when we binarize the image
px_nz =
total_px =
ans =
the image only has a 5.7% of white pixels.
Comment: Since the question clearly mentions 'full image' there's no need the crop the image.
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thanks in advance for time and attention
John BG
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KSSV 2018년 5월 10일
Hello...when you save the image....the image has white background in all the I included the command to crop is a commonsense that the user wants the ratio from whole image ...not a small part of it...

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KSSV 2018년 5월 10일
I = imread('ED.png') ; % REad the image
I = imcrop(I) ; % crop the required part
I = rgb2gray(I) ; % convert to gray image
whitepixels = nnz(I) ;
totalpixels = numel(I) ;
iwant = whitepixels/totalpixels
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KSSV 2018년 5월 10일
Huummhh...sounds legitimate....what's the solution?

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Nursyahirah Hafidz
Nursyahirah Hafidz 2018년 5월 11일
now how do i display the percentage on my gui?
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2018년 5월 11일
How do you want to display it? In a static text label? In a table control? Over the image in the text overlay?

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