generate text in simulink

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mohammad seifi
mohammad seifi 2012년 5월 31일
편집: John Kelly 2015년 3월 2일
I am looking to how we can generate text as a output of an action in simulink.I mean i want to simulink show me specific text when one switch or relay position changed.
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mohammad seifi
mohammad seifi 2013년 12월 28일
Dear Govind;
Display only shows number,if we want to show a text after certain condition, is there any way to display string or text? I want to display a "text" look like Disp command in Matlab.Is it possible in GUI? Thank you

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Guy Rouleau
Guy Rouleau 2012년 6월 4일
편집: John Kelly 2015년 3월 2일
There are 2 possibilities here:
1 - It is possible to define enumerated types in Simulink. With those, you can define for example 1=Red, 2=Blue, 3=Green, and see the text instead of the number in the Display block.
2 - If all you want is display some text on a block mask or an annotation, then you can use a MATLAB S-Function or an Event Listener to execute any "set_param" you need to make that happen.



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