While Saving the figure in pdf format (MATLAB 2010A)it shows an error message saying PSlevel must be 1 or 2. What should i do to have my figure in pdf? And after clicking on Exit debug mode it shows the file with the error on line 206/1063..

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Vishwanath Bailore Acharya
Vishwanath Bailore Acharya 2018년 5월 21일
Can you once try saving the figure using 'hgexport' with just 2 parameters, by removing the style format as follows?
hgexport(hfig, filename);
Please update if you are facing the issue after trying the above command.

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Sujay Kadam
Sujay Kadam 2022년 5월 26일
May be this is too late, but I wonder if the following would help:
clear fig_property
fig_property.PSLevel= '1';


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