How can I implement an audio driver (or a type of post-processing plugin) for use with Windows?

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I couldn't find a way to describe accurately what I mean in the title (and maybe what I'm looking for is not even a audio driver) but let me try to define better what I want to do:
I want the audio output of Windows to be post processed with a convolution for each channel with the IR of a room. Through this I can listen to music with my headphones as if I would be in the room which the IR came from. This must be done to the signal Windows "mixes" from all processes and sends to the output through my audio driver. The problem with which I'm faced is not implementing a convolution to signals or real-time processing exactly, but making it into an actual driver that I can select in my possible audio outputs at Windows. Thus, since my knowledge on this part of computer science is not really wide, I don't even know if what I'm looking for has to be done through an audio driver or some different sort of process that "parasites" the output signal and applies these processes to it.
TL,DR: I want this (in red) to have a signal convoluted to it:

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Alexandre Piccini
Alexandre Piccini 2018년 5월 18일
Well, even though there are no answers, I could find a way to get done what I wanted, though it involves MATLAB much less than I thought it could/would. I'll share what I did:
- Use a software like VB-Cable to capture the OS output. This is the part I needed the most help with, though I want to know how can I implement such a thing. However, I believe this may not be tackled the best through MATLAB.
- Using this captured signal, which is converted to a virtual recording input, one can use a software such as VSThost to simply load a VST plug-in and feed the incoming signal to it, and then redirecting its output to your hardware output. There you can put just about any signal processor you modelled with MATLAB as long as you find a way to compile it as a VST plugin, which is also something I'm not familiar to and would love to learn.
Anyways folks, should you find doing it interesting for some reason, this is a short way of making it happening. If you can give me some advice on how to implement/study about these parts I commented that can be written in MATLAB. feel more than welcome to weigh in.
Thanks :)

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