Compatibility problems with RTW, xPC between R2011b and R2010b.

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Bruno 2012년 5월 30일
I have a simulink model which I often use with R2010b, in xPC target. My Matlab version has been upgraded to R2011b so I am trying to use xPC 5.1, available in the latter release. Independently of the matlab release I always use the same compiler, MVS 6.0.
When building the simulink model under R2011b, the build process is always aborted due to an error; matlab cannot find a specific path. After some investigation, I realized that modelname.bat, in the modelname_xpc_rtw folder, has a wrong path for vcvars32.bat.
A first guess would be that the environment variable, MSDevDir, which sets the path to the compiler is not correct. However, I do not think that is the case. If I hardcode the correct path in modelname.bat, I am able to compile my model and run it on the target machine (check both paths below). If the environment variable would be wrong, I believe the compilation would not work since vcvars32.bat requires that variable to be correct.
  1. Original path: "%MSDevDir%/../../vc98/bin/vcvars.32bat"
  2. Hardcoded path: "c:program files/microsoft visual studio/vc98/bin/vcvars.32bat"
At the moment I get my model to work, but I would like to have a cleaner solution to my problem. Everytime the model is built, modelname.bat is generated and my changes overwritten. Since there are a several of people using this model it can be quite problematic. If I could find the routine which creates the modelname.bat file I could hardcode the path there, however I was not able to identify the latter.
I am wondering If anyone has ever had this problem before. If so, do you have any gracefull solution?
Best Regards,

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Gordon Weast
Gordon Weast 2012년 12월 14일
Support for the old version 6.0 compiler from Microsoft has been removed. There are significant code generation errors in this old compiler.
Please upgrade to a newer compiler version. You can now use the SDK 7.1 from Microsoft, which is a free download or purchase a newer professional version.


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