Ode solver include specific time point

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babita verma
babita verma 2018년 4월 28일
댓글: NIdhi Parmar 2022년 1월 3일 6:54
I am solving a system of 11 dimension using ode15s since the model is stiff. I want to solve it using solver's default time step but need to ensure a specific time point is included while solving. Eg. if I am solving in the time range of [0 900] how do I make sure the time point of 700 is definitely included by the solver since for further analysis of this model I need to know the solution at time point 700. I had earlier solved using a user-defined small time step such that 700 is an included time point for the solver. But with this approach the relevant variable matfile that i save becomes huge. So, I am looking for ways to use default step size that would help me reduce the file size.
Any help is appreciated, Thanks!
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NIdhi Parmar
NIdhi Parmar 2022년 1월 3일 6:54
Will this also work while solving simulatenous odes??

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Star Strider
Star Strider 2018년 4월 28일
I would use the deval (link) function to evaluate your solved ODE at a specific value of the independent variable.
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Star Strider
Star Strider 2018년 4월 28일
As always, my pleasure!

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