Simulink Engine Interface is not enabled

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Justin Eng
Justin Eng . 2018년 4월 12일
편집: Stefanie Schwarz . 2021년 11월 23일
I'm trying to use HDL coder with a Simulink project, however during any code generation I get the error:
Error using slhdlcoder.SimulinkConnection/initModel Simulink engine interface is not enabled.
I also get an error that there has been a failure to initialize the model, however no indication as to what is causing this error.
Has anyone dealt with this issue before? I can run the Simulink model correctly in simulation.

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Stefanie Schwarz
Stefanie Schwarz 2021년 11월 23일
편집: Stefanie Schwarz 님. 2021년 11월 23일
I suspect that this might be a licensing problem. For example, it could be that a network license key is unavailable. See also:
One good first step would be to see if you are able to perform a model update (CTRL+D) or run a simulation.
Then, you can run the following commands to see whether you are able to check out all necessary licenses ('1' means successful checkout):
>> license('checkout','matlab') % MATLAB
>> license('checkout','Simulink') % Simulink
>> license('checkout','Fixed_Point_Toolbox') % Fixed-Point Designer
>> license('checkout','Matlab_Coder') % MATLAB Coder
>> license('checkout','Simulink_HDL_Coder') % HDL Coder
If any of the commands return '0', it means the license is missing. In this case, contact your local MATLAB License Administrators for help.
Depending on the blocks used in your model, additional licenses may be required, e.g.
>> license('checkout','signal_blocks') % DSP System Toolbox
Use the following function to find out about your model's dependencies:

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Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali 2018년 4월 12일
You seem to have hit an internal error. Can you please create a tech support case for HDLCoder? Someone can help you if you provide reproduction steps.


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