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Is it necessary to store column vectors in a column order in cells?

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Xiaohan Du
Xiaohan Du 7 Apr 2018
Hi all,
I know MATLAB stores data in a column-major order (see ), therefore it is faster to read a column vector than a row vector (based on same number of elements), and I should store matrices in a column manner rather than a row manner.
I have a cell array with elements of large column vectors like this:
K>> testCell
testCell =
1×M cell array
Columns 1 through M
{N×1 double} {N×1 double} {N×1 double} {N×1 double} {N×1 double} {N×1 double}
Imagine M and N are both quite large numbers. As you can see, here the cell elements are stored in a row. My question is: is it necessary to align these cell elements in a column (M×1 cell array) rather than a row? Is it faster to read M×1 than 1×M cell array in this case when large column vectors are stored in cell elements?
Many thanks!

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