Is there a model which replicates regenerative braking on an 25kV AC Electrified Railway and a connection to an Electric Vehicle Charge Point for charging of EV Batteries? If they exist seperatly this would also be useful.

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As a bit of background about myself, I am currently studying a part-time MSc in Power Distribution and I am working on my dissertation titled "Integration of EV and Rail through Park-and-Ride Infrastructure".
There is a new station development with an associated business park and park-and-ride facility which I am involved in through my work and hence the inspiration for the dissertation. My aim is to model 25kv AC electrified lines to use regenerative braking energy at the station to charge EV car batteries parked nearby. My supervisor has mentioned MATLAB/SIMULINK is the correct software to use, however I am a complete novice. Add this to the fact that I studied mechanical engineering for my BEng then this combination is a very steep learning curve!

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Monica S
Monica S 2019년 2월 2일
I doubt you will get a model as per your title. But you can always check in matlab examples
You will get an idea on how to simulate your model.


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