a solution for this error

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yassine omri
yassine omri 2018년 3월 27일
답변: Stefanie Schwarz 2021년 1월 11일
C:\ProgramData\MATLAB\SupportPackages\R2017a\toolbox\target\supportpackages\tic2000\registry\thirdpartytools\thirdpartytools_win64.xml not found,I received this message, what can I do as a solution because I did not find the file. thank you.


Sadam Hussain
Sadam Hussain 2018년 6월 14일
I have the same problem too!! if you found some solution, please guide me also thanks

Aldo Contreras
Aldo Contreras 2018년 6월 29일
Same problem here ...

AGORO SODIQ 2018년 9월 10일
What happened is that while installing the support package you had to break it at some point to install the controlsuite and contolWare. What you should do now is to go back to the Adds-on icon in command window, click on get support package and try reinstalling the support package. You will see the option to Manage the already installed package, click on that and complete the process.
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Christian Amey
Christian Amey 2020년 10월 15일
I am receiving the same error and don't see a way to "complete the process" as Agoro Sodiq mentioned in the answer above. Will someone please clarify as I don't know how to correct this error.
Thank you

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Amar Neçaibia
Amar Neçaibia 2018년 12월 16일
Thanks very much! I have solved the problem me too through your answer.
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Wahid Khan
Wahid Khan 2019년 7월 8일
Could you please gauide me on this same issue..

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Stefanie Schwarz
Stefanie Schwarz 2021년 1월 11일
You need to run the setup for the TI C2000 support package to resolve this. Please see the following MATLAB Answers post for more info:

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