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How can I correctly use if and elseif?

Hi there! I'm a newbie on the Matlab and I just don't know how to write this function.
I have two inputs : t and toe
I have to calculate
tk = t-toe
if tk > 302400 tf = tk - 604800
if tk < -302400 tf tk + 604800
I created this function :
function [tk] = time(a)
if tk>302400; tf = tk-604800;
elseif tk<-302400; tf = tk+604800;
when I run this function I get this error.
% Undefined function 'time' for input arguments of type 'double'.
what does it mean "input arguments of type double"? what is the double there?
Thank you for your help!
P.S: How can I learn more quickly this program? It seems a bit complicated for me considering I've never learnt programming before. Could I find some exercises to help me learn it?

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The Matlab documentation would be a good place to start:
Notice by the way that used
instead of tk = t-toe
Also, you have not defined toe.

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Answer by Stalin Samuel on 22 Mar 2018
 Accepted Answer

create a file with below code
function [tf] = time(t,toe)
if tk>302400; tf = tk-604800;
elseif tk<-302400; tf = tk+604800;
while saving the code you must use "time" as file name.

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Thanks Samuel! I applied your function, it works but it calculates just tk=t-toe. It doesn't either add or subtract 604800. Doesn't continue and do the if . Do you know why?
@gblmtc: What sizes are t and toe ?
Why did you accept this answer if it does not do what you want?

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Answer by Stephen Cobeldick on 22 Mar 2018

I guess that some of the inputs are non-scalar, in which case you should use indexing:
function tk = time(t,toe)
tk = t-toe;
idx = tk>302400;
tk(idx) = tk(idx)-604800;
idx = tk<-302400;
tk(idx) = tk(idx)+604800;

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Thanks Stephen! I'll have a look on what you recommend. I need to learn Matlab but being at the very beginning it's quite challenging.
@gblmtc: I understand that there is a lot to learn, and it can seem quite daunting, but luckily MATLAB has easy-to-read documentation, which should always be the first place you look for information. You also might like to read this, it has some tips to keep in mind when learning MATLAB:
gblmtc's "Answer" moved here:
Yes, you are right! Sometimes it is really really daunting. Sometimes I just say it is not for me and I just can't do it. Thanks for your help!

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