How to write to CSV file

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Mekala balaji
Mekala balaji 2018년 3월 14일
답변: Walter Roberson 2018년 3월 14일
I have below cell array matrix, and I want to write to csv file in specified folder, with specified name
OuputFilePath: D:\outputData
OuputFileName: OutSuggestion
ParameterName ParameterValue
Gas_Flow.Sugg 0.23
Temperature.Upper 12.3
VSA.Flow.Pressure 0.72

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2018년 3월 14일
OutputFilePath = 'D:\outputData';
OutputFileName = 'OutSuggestion.csv';
filename = fullfile(OutputFilePath, OutputFileName);
[fid, msg] = fopen(filename, 'wt');
if fid < 0
error('Could not open file "%s" because "%s"', fid, msg);
fprintf(fid, '%s,%s\n', OutputData{1,1}, OutputData{1,2});
temp = OutputData(2:end, :).'; %transpose is important
fprintf(fid, '%s,%f\n', temp{:});


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