Connect all the plots with the previous plot

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Jayanta Deb
Jayanta Deb . 2018년 2월 16일
댓글: Jayanta Deb . 2018년 2월 16일
Hello, I am running a code within while loop(infinite) and need to plot the points in graph. Now the loops consists of a time stamp (t = t+1) and there is a reading called ESD(variable it is) and i am deriving it from some instrument. I want to plot them as real
time graph. as shown in the sample picture 1.png(but not 3 plots only one graph-that is just a sample). I am using the simple plot code to show it on graph but there it is plotting like this:
plot(t,ESD,'*') hold on grid on t =t+0.75;
So basically I want all the dots should be connected with the previous dot. Regards J

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KSSV 2018년 2월 16일
편집: KSSV 님. 2018년 2월 16일
As you said you are using a loop.....try to save the result into an array and at the end plot them.
N = 1000 ;
count = 0 ;
A = zeros([],1) ; % initialize the array to store point you want
while count <= N
count = count+1 ;
A(count) = rand ; % store the result
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Jayanta Deb
Jayanta Deb 2018년 2월 16일
Hi, Thanks for your reply. I want to show this as a real time plotting I have to plot it at each iteration.

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