Hello, I'm trying to write a code that generate the isentropic flow tables. I have written the code but I don't know how to display it in a form of a table

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*M code:*
M= (0: 0.01: 60);
Y= 1.4;
P0P= 1./((1+(((Y-1)./2) *(M.^2))).^(-Y./(Y-1)));
R0R= 1./((1+(((Y-1)./2) .*(M.^2))).^(-1./(Y-1)));
T0T= 1./((1+(((Y-1)./2) .*(M.^2))).^(-1));
For each Mach number increment, a corresponding P0P, R0R, and T0T value should be displayed.
Thank you in advance,

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Gayatri Menon
Gayatri Menon 2018년 2월 16일
You could use "table" command for this.
For more information on this command, refer the following link:


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