Set value in GUI2 when i push button in GUI1

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Abel Romero
Abel Romero . 2018년 2월 4일
답변: Gayatri Menon . 2018년 2월 15일
Hello, I have two GUIs, GUI1 with a pushbutton that do some calculations and GUI2 with a uitable. I want to know how to set the values in GUI2 when i push the button in the GUI1.
I know how to pass data with setappdata and getappdata, but in this case in the second GUI i don't have a button and i want to set the value directly when I open it with the button in the GUI1.

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Gayatri Menon
Gayatri Menon 2018년 2월 15일
You can get the handle of the GUI containing uitable in your main GUI and then write the code to set the uitable value on pressing pushbutton in main GUI.The following link contains a similar example which might help you:
Hope the above helps.


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