save to 2nd decimal, then add brackets

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Dave 2018년 2월 3일
댓글: Stephen23 2018년 2월 3일
I needed to round a matrix of double to the second decimal. And also convert the second row such that each entry is in brackets, and then save to mat, txt, or xls.
This is the initial matrix
A=[1.224, 1.338;
2.451, -2.367;
1.222, 4.123]
For rounding, I tried
But it generates a vector not a matrix. For adding the brackets, I tried to use
strcat('(',A(2,:),')'), not working.
The change should result in this (either a mat or txt or xls)
B=[1.22, 1.34;
(2.45), (-2.37);
1.22, 4.12]

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Stephen23 2018년 2월 3일
편집: Stephen23 2018년 2월 3일
A = [1.224,1.338;2.451,-2.367;1.222,4.123];
fdir = '.'; directory
name = 'myfile.txt';
fmt = 'B=[%.2f, %.2f;\n(%.2f), (%.2f);\n%.2f, %.2f]';
[fid,msg] = fopen(fullfile(fdir,name),'wt');
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Stephen23 2018년 2월 3일
The code save a file that produces exactly what you asked for:
B=[1.22, 1.34;
(2.45), (-2.37);
1.22, 4.12]
If you want something else please specify it clearly.

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