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SmaShBr0ther . 2018년 1월 31일
편집: Gayatri Menon . 2018년 3월 30일
Hi everybody. I have several edit texts where I'm trying to read the SoC and SoH values of cells in a GUI. I now want to hide all edit texts that will not be used (determined by a number from a dropdown menu). The edit text tags use a continuous numeration (SoH_C1_1, SoH_C2_1, SoH_C3_1 and so on) I now tried using a for loop to hide all the unwanted edit texts
for i = 2:x
name = strcat('SoH_C',num2str(i),'_1')
Is it somehow possible to use the variable 'name' as shown above?
Thanks in advance

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Gayatri Menon
Gayatri Menon 2018년 2월 12일
편집: Gayatri Menon 님. 2018년 3월 30일
set(H,Name,Value) specifies a value for the property Name on the object identified by H.
The string(name) you are creating is of type char. You cannot use this value directly in set command instead, you can use this value to find the objects with the same Tag name and set their visibility to 'Off'
for i = 2:x
name = strcat('SoH_C',num2str(i),'_1')
set(a, 'Visible','Off')
Hope the above helps
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SmaShBr0ther 2018년 3월 1일
Thanks, this worked well also for other things where i wanted to edit multiple handles. one comment: the command is findobj not find_obj

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