Why does ls add trailing space preventing output use as filename string?

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Please consider the following error and resolution. What should I be doing differently? (Summary: ls is adding a trailing space to the end of the filepath and I don't know why.)
Erroneous code:
DICOMdatafolder = '/home/sony/Documents/research/data/DICOMfiles/5';
foldername = FindRTPlanDICOMFile(DICOMdatafolder);
planinfo = dicominfo(ls(fullfile(DICOMdatafolder,foldername,'*dcm')))
Error using dicom_getFileDetails (line 14)
File "/home/sony/Documents/research/data/DICOMfiles/5/DOE^JOHN_[longname]/2[longname].dcm
" not found.
Error in dicominfo (line 55)
fileDetails = dicom_getFileDetails(filename);
Error in BlurPortalDose (line 31)
planinfo = dicominfo(ls(fullfile(DICOMdatafolder,foldername,'*dcm')))
Error workaround:
DICOMdatafolder = '/home/sony/Documents/research/data/DICOMfiles/5';
foldername = FindRTPlanDICOMFile(DICOMdatafolder);
filename = ls(fullfile(DICOMdatafolder,foldername,'*dcm')); filename(end)=[];
planinfo = dicominfo(filename)
planinfo =
struct with fields:
Filename: '[too long; I hope MIM will read this and fix their filename length]'
FileModDate: '30-Jan-2018 18:41:34'
FileSize: 39586
Format: 'DICOM'

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Jan 2018년 1월 31일
ls is thought to display the contents of the directory in the command window. Use dir instead to construct a file name:
FileDir = dir(fullfile(DICOMdatafolder, foldername, '*dcm'));
File = fullfile(FileDir(1).folder, FileDir(1).name);
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Daniel Bridges
Daniel Bridges 2018년 1월 31일
Indeed! Yet placing it under the heading 'Alternatives' suggests that it is an option rather than as an imperative or recommendation.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2018년 1월 31일
ls is not adding a trailing space. ls is adding a trailing linefeed.
On Mac and Linux, ls() calls the system ls executable, which outputs a multicolumn text stream with embedded newlines. You should avoid using ls to get file names. You cannot just split the result of ls at whitespace because filenames can contain whitespace.
If you need a filename for processing you should be using dir()

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