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Simulink Test: How to run the same test for MIL and SIL?

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Robert 30 Jan 2018
댓글: Robert 2 Feb 2018
I defined a test harness for a MIL test and defined a test sequence. The test works. Now I want to do the same test for SIL. Of course I can create another test harness for SIL test and redefine the test sequence. But this means I have to maintain two times the same test sequence for each test.
Is there any way to run the test as MIL and SIL (and PIL) without duplicating the test data?


Nick Sarnie
Nick Sarnie 1 Feb 2018
Hi Robert,
I was able to accomplish this by creating two test harnesses, one for Normal mode, and then one for SIL. I then copied the SIL block from the SIL Harness into the Normal mode Harness. You can then simply swap out the blocks depending on which test mode you want to use.
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Robert 2 Feb 2018
Hi Nick,
thanks for your response. If I understand it correct, then you copy the S-function block to the MIL Harness to test in parallel. The Problem with this is that the S-function block does not automatically update if the tested block has changed.
My current solution is that I have two harnesses as you suggest. One for MIL and one for SIL. Then I put the testsequence and other test specific parts in a library and included it in both harnesses. But I'm not sure that this is the intended way.
Regards, Robert

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