Can you use Plotbrowser on a UIAxes object in App Designer?

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Jesus Velazquez
Jesus Velazquez . 2018년 1월 29일
댓글: Markus Leuthold . 2023년 5월 16일
I've tried using plotbrowser(app.NameUIAxes,'on') and plotbrowser('on') right after the plot function. The first one throws an error ("There's no WindowStyle property on the UIAxes class"), and the second one does nothing.
Is it supported or is there an alternative?
I'm using Matlab 2016b.

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Gayatri Menon
Gayatri Menon 2018년 2월 13일
The functionality "plotbrowser" is not supported in App Designer as of now.Please refer the below link to see the supported Graphics functionalities in MATLAB R2016b:

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