How simulate the different body posture related to WBAN?and want to find the distance between 15 sensors deployed on body

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WBAN body posture simulation
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Saddiqa Javaid
Saddiqa Javaid 2022년 9월 17일
i am also working on my thesis topic WBAN can you please help me by sharing code

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William Rose
William Rose 2022년 9월 17일
It can get very complicated! As @Walter Roberson pointed out, the mode of signal propagation (through body or on skin) is an important consideraiton. If you assume "thorugh" the body, then Euclidean distance between nodes will be a good first approximation for distance. A next level of complicaiotn will be how much of that Euclidean distance is body tissue and how much is air. I recommend that you ignore the body versus air distinction initially, to keep things less complicated. Figure 10 of this article is informative. Model the body as a set of segments with joints where the segments touch. Each segment may be a cylinder or ellipsoid, and standard dimensions or subject-specific dimensions. For example, see chapter 4 and appendix A of Winter, Biomechanics and Motor Control of Human Movement, 4th ed., 2009. NASA and the US Air Force have a long history of modeling the body in various postures and have collected much data (originally all white males, but more diverse now). See here for example.


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